Abstract Ideology



Ashley Metro

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ashley Metro knew from a young age that her aspirations would be anything but typical. The moment she picked up a paintbrush, she realized art was her calling. It was through this passion that she would make her impact on the world. Just like her aspirations, the impact she hoped to make was different, exciting, and special.


Ashley began her career in the city she had always called home. With an unrelenting focus on achieving her dreams, she took full advantage of any opportunity available to her. From creating backdrops for photo shoots, to commissioned murals in some of Austin’s most distinguished venues, her professional resume grew quickly, all before turning twenty-years old. It was then, just days before her twentieth birthday, that she earned an opportunity that would help launch her career beyond the borders of her hometown. Having been specifically chosen by Gabbie herself, Ashley traveled to Los Angeles to style and body paint, performer Gabbie Carter, for the 2019 Pornhub Awards. With a newfound international fan base, Ashley decided to remain in Los Angeles after the award show to pursue the exciting world of opportunity that she had earned. 


In Los Angeles, Ashley was not only able to develop as an artist, but as a person. Coming across people of all different backgrounds, careers, and levels of notoriety, she made a concerted effort to observe her surroundings and those within it. Despite not yet being able to legally purchase a beer, her effort was able to provide her a perspective so profound it would rival that of someone triple her age. With a deep understanding of the many complexities of modern-day society, she began including her observations in her artwork. This can be seen in many of her pieces which tend to focus on social media’s influence on humanity, the ideals that have grasped people of her generation, and many other social narratives that are particularly emblematic of the world we live in. 


With her eyes on being a voice for positive change, Ashley hopes her artistic influence will lead to increased self-reflection for an entire generation of people, who unsurprisingly, are plagued by mental hurdles that most are yet to fully appreciate. While her artwork speaks for itself in regard to its ability to change lives, she is also actively pursuing several charity opportunities where she can help people in need directly. 


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